Our Building

Built in 1888, the Triangle was a bar/restaurant for its first hundred years. Scott and some partners bought the building in 1991 and converted it into professional offices.

During our first season here, myriad clients came in with eyes wide and minds in the past as they recalled youthful times (mis)spent at the Triangle Bar. Undoubtedly they were recalling the heyday of music on the West Bank in the 60s and 70s. The book West Bank Boogie recounts some of that history and features a picture of the Triangle on the cover.

You'll like the exposed brick, the lovely oak woodwork, the wonderfully high ceilings, and the large windows. It is a warm and inviting building, steeped in history.

It does not have an elevator, and is accessible only by climbing a total of 28 stairs. If you are mobility impaired, we apologize for this barrier. We now have a first floor meeting space available for those who prefer not to climb the stairs. Let us know if you'd like to utilize this option.

Our building actually occupies an entire city block (albeit a small one). In fact, it's the smallest block in the city of Minneapolis with running water!